When the game machine is working can emit high frequency electromagnetic waves,the game machine on the motherboard on the chip, using the game machine disturbance game board, a coin collector, on key points, and high field RF,signal can penetrate inside the machine, wire, resistor, capacitor, chip, IC SCM,transistors, etc., signal interference on integrated circuit after receive points or coin, the game machine will automatically divide or coin, electric appliance is composed of electronic components, so that electrical engineers headache is the most special ultra high frequency

Powerful 10W Single 868MHz EMP jammer emp generator

Powerful 10W Single 868MHz EMP jammer emp generator Power supply voltage: 12.6VWorking voltage: 30VWorking mode: direct frequency + pulseAntenna mode: built-in + enhanced external – RemovableInstrument color: transparentInstrument size: 80X50X21MMInstrument power: 20WPower switch: DoubleHeat radiation mode: internal heat sink Firing head:1, the coil is made of high quality wire, precision winding, more standard, more stable2, […]

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